About AZ Trail Hiking

BackPackin Rincon Nov24&25-06 (2)
Rincon Peak backpacking trip – Nov 24, 2006

In my 20’s I really got into hiking, and started knocking out trails and bagging peaks around the Tucson area with my brother, friends, my dogs and sometimes by myself.   Nearly 15 years ago I hiked as often as I could, and at one point had a streak of 26 consecutive months with a hike.  I recall using digital cameras on those hikes because back then cell phones were just that, and I have a tremendous collection of 2 megapixel nature photos to thank them for.

Echo Lakes Trail (Tahoe) – June 22, 2018

Now in my 40’s, I became inspired by my friend Austin who is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, attempting a “yo-yo”, and shared his adventure in his BLOG.  I wouldn’t shut up about it and talked Heather into backpacking.  Our goal is to hike the entire Arizona Trail in sections.  With a preschooler, a toddler, and 4 dogs at home, we will be challenged for opportunities to hit the trail.  We’ll look for opportunities to take some or all of them with us on day hikes, but with the over-nighters, we will have to involve the grandparents!

My intent is to document our hikes in this BLOG so that the kids, our family,  and our friends can see what it’s like in Arizona’s back country.  I’ve never kept a journal before, and I am not a writer.  But I’ve been told I take good photos, and when I’m in my 60’s, Heather and I can look back at the photos and stories and reminisce on good times.